Monday, December 21, 2009

Preston blair : Line of Action Variations

This was mad fun, like desert after vegetables, I do like vegetables though....

I was trying to imagine a limited animation laugh and point.

I like the fat one: I changed his leg so the shilhouette will be clearer and less symmetrical, you see! I'm learning stuff!

“Red Rabbit” Harvey Eisenberg cover

Tried drawing it smaller to work out the big shapes

Even smaller, this was eye opening

then things got ugly

John K.’s Yogi Balloon Challenge!

Kept ending up looking like a bean bag…

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Preston Blair : Line of Action Review

I tried doing some thumbnails from memory to review the line of action page...this was super fun

I couldn't seem to turn that little flat f$%^er

Preston Blair/Line of Action Fun

trying some different things with "DUM n JERKY" (Preston Blair's Tom and Jerry stand ins)

I got the preston blair blues

Preston Blair/Line of Action 3

some quick scribbly ones